Multi-Apex Pharma

Multi-Apex Pharma is an Egyptian stock company. It is the result of two Egyptian companies merging together in 2011.

a- Apex Pharma: One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies with a highly reputable management and marketing team & with a capital of 90,700 Million Egyptian Pounds

b- Multi-Apex Pharma: A leading Egyptian Pharmaceutical company with a capital of 120 Million Egyptian Pounds

Multi-Apex Pharma is fortunate to have an excellent management team well versed in the working of the pharmaceutical industry both locally and internationally. Dr. Magdy Elba, Chairman and CEO, has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East. He has held key positions in major pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East e.g. General Manager for Sandoz /Wander Egypt. Dr. Amr Yacout the Vice Chairman has 27 years of experience with both Sandoz Pharmaceutical and Bristol Myers Squibb companies in South East Asia and the Middle East. Their visionary leadership and relentless efforts are a moving force to shape Multi-Apex into a value based pharmaceutical company capable of coping with future challenges.

Multi-Apex Pharma primary focus is on high quality both internally and externally. The management philosophy holds quality as a key element to its success. This means production of high quality products which are suitably priced and ensure that they reach their maximum potential in the market. Internally the management believes that people make the difference and that the workforce is a very important asset of the company. Therefore, careful attention is given to their selection, training and development at all levels. Management pays special effort to build an atmosphere where each employee believes that he or she is an important element to the company’s success and strive to make it even better.

Multi-Apex Pharma has excellent potential to excel in the Egyptian market as well as regionally too. The company is in the developing stage and itsstructure is progressively expanding. Its portfolio of products is in the therapeutic fields of Cardiovascular, Antifungal, Antidiabetes, Antipsychotic, Antiepileptic, Anxiolytic, Bronchial asthma, Antiemetic and Cold preparation. Multi-Apex Pharma own branded generics are enjoying leading positions in their respective therapeutic classes. Together with the products of Apex Pharma and Multi Pharma, Multi- Apex Pharma has managed to move to position 14 among more than 600 companies in Egypt (IMS Oct. 2011). The pipeline is rich and contains additional new products currently under registration which will achieve our objectives. These products are in the area of Cardiovascular, Antibiotics, Diabetes, Gynecology and Cholesterol lowering agents … etc.

Multi-Apex Pharma ultra modern state of the art manufacturing facility was built on 14,000 m2 of a total area of 57,551 m2 and is located in Badr City, Cairo. Multi-Apex Pharma was granted the approval by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to manufacture Pharmaceutical dosage forms in Dec., 2004 and actual production started in Feb 2006. To put a seal of quality on each and every brand we sell, Multi-Apex pharma has invested in the latest European equipments for solid, semisolid & syrup forms which are validated. The highly qualified and trained staff ensures that systems and processes remain in compliance with the latest standard.

The manufacturing is done under strict cGMP guidelines. There is no compromise when it comes to quality, safety and efficiency in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Quality’s commitment extends to all levels of manufacturing, with checks and counter checks. Quality Assurance Department functions independently to attain the specified standards.  

Quality Control Laboratory has all the necessary critical instruments. The entire instruments are qualified for installation, operation and performance qualification. The critical instruments are periodically calibrated by in house as well as by accredited third party.

The water purification system works with reversed osmosis on 2 different stages. The water purification system has a capacity of producing 1.5 m3 of quality water per hour and a storage tank of 300 m3. The active transfer pipelines are of 316L stainless steel material. City water and plant water are analyzed according to B.P 2004.

The air ventilation is achieved by 34 Air handling units. Each zone is monitored by Building Administration system (BMS). International quality standards with respect to room, air changes, pressure, particle count, flow direction, etc.

The air conditioned warehouse accommodates 2700 pallets. The temperature and humidity is controlled by specific Air Handling Units and monitored regularly. The automatic fire extinguisher is designed to cover all its seven levels. A new store building with total area 6200 m2 to accommodate 6,200 pallets has been added in 2011 to the warehouse capacity.

Multi-Apex Pharma was awarded in 2008 the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) as well as ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing & Calibration Laboratories).  

The cooperation of Multi-Apex Pharma with excellent distributors is an additional strength. The company is utilizing the services of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company (EGYDRUG), a governmental agency as well as the largest and strongest distributor in the Egyptian market. Multi-Apex Pharma is also using a number of the private strong distributors, to be a part of its distribution network such as Middle east Co., Ibn Sina Laborex & MultiPharma.

Multi-Apex Pharma has purchased a 7 story building in New Cairo for its future scientific office. The cost of this purchase is 26 Million L.E. which will appear in the 2011 accounts. 

Multi-APEX pharma sales in 2010 reached 209.710 Million L.E. with a growth of 21.83% and its total revenue 74.383 Million L.E. with a growth of 61.12% The EBITDA was 82.887 Million L.E. with a growth of 39.39%.

The spirits at Multi-Apex pharma are high. Everyone in the company is positive about its future. Its management is creating a healthy and productive working atmosphere. Working alongside its strong alliances, Multi-Apex pharma is going to carry out a prospering organization into the twenty-first century.  
AUG Company

Established in 1975, AUG is a privately held Egyptian pharmaceutical operating in the local market. The company began operations with the inauguration of El Ezaby Pharmacies owned by the Chairman.

AUG has an established partnership with Nycomed, acquired by Takeda in 2011. AUG distributes the company’s products in Egypt and manages associated wholesale and marketing activities. In 2008, AUG launched the construction of its own manufacturing facility.

  • Vission
    To become Egypt’s preferred pharmaceutical company by being the most responsive, reliable and results-oriented partner.
  • Mission
    To enable healthcare providers to access medicine that makes a viable difference to human life.
  • Values
  1. Patient focus: We are committed to the needs of our patients; our healthcare products and services reach our patients whenever and wherever they are.
  2. Performance: We strive for constant improvement and believe that achieving profit comes only as a result of progress.
  3. Perfect coverage: Our extensive reach and presence via widespread scientific offices overcomes geographical boundaries.


Nile Converting Company

Nile Converting Industries Co. (NCC) is an Egyptian organization that owns state-of-the-art production facilities providing first-rate disposable baby diapers using latest technologies.

Our production facilities operate in accordance with the highest quality performance standards and simultaneously promote cost efficiency. Through its commitment to quality and competitive pricing, NCC serves customers worldwide with a focus on Egypt and emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Our focusis on quality and service standards, producing diapers using only the best materials from recognized global suppliers. Our emphasis on responsiveness and speed ensures that received orders are shipped within only 15 days.

Our Partnersand customers receive the quickest response within only 24 hours from the receipt of an inquiry. Our team swiftly aligns sourcing decisions to meet demand.

Our vision is to become a key player in the market for baby diapers, not only in Egypt but across the Middle East and Africa.

Our mission is to identify and engage strategic partners in the markets where we operate to expand the distribution of our brands across the segments where we compete.

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