Multipharma History

Multipharma is a leading Egyptian private company acting as sole agent for many renowned multinational producers of pharmaceuticals, paramedic and laboratory equipment, fine chemicals, dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company is also an authorized distributor for over 45 companies in the healthcare and wellness sector and manages expansive import and export operations.

Founded in 1992, Multipharma evolved into a modern corporate entity aligned with today’s business environment and global best practices. Throughout its history the organization remained driven to achieve constant and effective progress.

Today, Multipharma’s strong presence is supported by a dynamic and sizeable team of almost 1000 employees across 13 branches, and 400 employees at the scientific office, responsible for sales and marketing activities as well as our warehouse.

The company’s leadership is well established based on an extensive network of key contacts within hospitals, pharmacies, prominent medical institutions, beauty centers and premium consumer outlets across Egypt and the Middle East.

Our Vision

To become the region’s leading medical supplier with unparalleled reach, providing consumers with a diverse choice of exceptional and trusted health and wellness products that promote their well-being. We also aim to establish and nurture winning partnerships that drive growth and create opportunity strengthening the industry’s expansion and its contribution to economic welfare.

Our Mission

Multipharma is committed to retaining market leadership in the delivery of first-class health products and services that best meet the needs of consumers, and support the growth and prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry.


Customer Satisfaction:
• We are unwaveringly committed to meet our customers’ needs and consistently provide a rewarding experience that fosters long-lasting loyalty as a true measure of our success.

• We believe in empowering and motivating our team; we share knowledge and reward outstanding effort. We step ahead and tackle challenges to achieve our mission.

• Creativity is the lifeblood of our organization. Creativity fosters innovation; viewing challenges and opportunities from new angles is the foundation of inspirational leadership.

Teamwork: -
Together we share a common sense of purpose. We work together as one team in an environment that encourages opportunity, enthusiasm, diversity and collaboration.

Respect : -
We value and respect our team, partners and customers. Open and transparent communication defines the way forward, taking into consideration all viewpoints.

Integrity: -
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We are committed individually and as a team, to our values and the ethical conduct of our business.

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